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Train smarter

Our main program is the H.I.R.T - High Intensity Resistance Training. We focus on building or maintaining muscle whilst losing fat, strength is a major component in this. High intensity training is what makes the program so efficient. We also run Body Transformation Challenges.

Lose fat, build muscle, feel great!

Eat better

You can't get consistent results without eating correctly. You also can't get consistent results if you can never have a treat. This is why we want everyone to eat well and healthy 80-90% of the time but also enjoy what they like.

We will help you on to the right track and support you all the way.

Recover faster

Recovery is another key component. If you don't train enough and consistently, you won't get results however if you never give yourself time for recovery, your training sessions will suffer, leading to worse results.

We will help you get the best out of your training.

I dropped 10 kilos training with BIG 5. One of the greatest moments was when my 4 year old was able to ride on 2 wheels, having his dad wanting to and running with him every pedal to now enable him to ride a “big boy bike” That is what it is all about, life transformation from beer drinking bloke to a healthier and leaner me.
Travis Newing