Monthly Archives: March 2015

Apples made me fat

Said no one. Ever. When was the last time you heard someone say they got fat from eating fruit? “My apple addiction is killing my fat loss” “Beach season is nearly here, I better cut down on my banana intake” Most likely you havenät heard anyone say this, but you can still hear people tell […]

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The bikini body controversy

How do you get a bikini body?We’ve all thought about it and a lot of us have seen this pic.This is fantastic. I agree with this. Everyone can put a bikini on and that’s it, bikini body sorted.When I think of it a little deeper though, this doesn’t work for most people. It works in […]

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Success Story – Mike Ambler

Mike dropped around 5 kilos during our 28 Day Transformation Challenge last year and it made him hungry (not literally) for even better results. He’s continued to train with BIG 5 and is moving forward constantly. To make an even bigger impact on his physique, Mike has asked for a personalized fitness program to follow outside […]

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I train like a girl

Hey, Johan here. For some reason girls and women have always thought that as a female, you should lift light weights many times or only do traditional cardio or body weight exercises. This would apparently make you “toned” and lose weight. If someone can explain to me what they mean by toned, that would be greatly […]

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