Monthly Archives: May 2015

I wore a bandana

So there I was. Driving my own speed boat, t-shirt on and bandana! on head. I wasn’t even bald yet, the bandana was a fashion statement. I was truly in to hip hop in my teens and at this stage, I was 17 years old, driving my own speed boat, boom box on full volume blasting […]

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My #1 exercise

Is it a crunch? Is it a push up? Could it be the burpee?Maybe it’s jogging? As long as you’re in the “fat burning zone” right?Well all of those exercises has their place and can definitely help with fat loss, however i believe one other exercise trumps all others. It’s not necessarily seen as a […]

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Double weight gain next 12 months

​ Let’s say you want to lose weight. I’m guessing you’re not satisfied with the weight gain you’ve had in the last 12 months. You’ve gained an unwanted amount of excess fat and your jeans are getting tight. You don’t want to buy new clothes, not necessarily for the money, but because you’ve never been […]

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