Monthly Archives: June 2015

Automatic weight loss after 30

It’s said that we lose 3% of our lean body mass each decade, after we turn 30. If you don’t know what lean body mass is, this may sound like a positive thing.Really, I’m going to lose weight by doing nothing else than having a birthday? Sounds fantastic.However, your lean body mass is muscle and […]

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Just one thing

I sent this out to my transformation challenge group, who are going great by that way, but thought I’d share it with you guys as well.It can be applied to so many things in life. Just do one thing today that will take you closer to your goal.Fat loss?Muscle gain?Get rich?Whatever it is, try to […]

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Sugar – The sweetest killer

Sugar is a source of energy for our bodies and is required as part of a healthy diet, however over consumption can have a server impact on our health. Food high in sugar provides our body with large quantities of energy, taking in excess amounts of energy can lead to weight gain and numerous other […]

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