Monthly Archives: December 2015

BIG 5 No. 4 – Total Core

Yes. Total core. I call it this because it’s exercises that are more efficient in building a strong core AND abs, than your normal sit ups and crunches. They also bun a hell of a lot more energy than those.These are only a few of the ones we use, but very efficient.​

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BIG 5 No. 3 – Pull

Number 3 in the BIG 5.The pull. This one is a must for everyone. Most people spend most of their days in a bad posture so if we don’t do any pulls or rows, we’ll end up with bad shoulders or backs.These are some of the pull variations we do at BIG 5 and the […]

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5 BIG tips to survive Christmas

The 5 Best Ways to Survive the Christmas Gluttony Every Christmas we all seem to over indulge. We feel like crap once it’s over and then we make a New Years resolution to drop the weight we have gained over the festive season.What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? […]

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BIG 5 No. 2 – Press/Push

No 2. in our series on what the BIG 5 stand for is Press/Push.These are movements such as the push up or overhead press. In the video I go through the BIG 5 of these movements, the ones we use most. Basic exercises but very efficient.Check it out.

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BIG 5 No. 1 – Squats

Squats. The BIG 1 one the BIG 5.This is the first part in our five part video series explaining why we’re called BIG 5 Fitness and showing you some different variations of the movements that are our favourite for fat loss and body composition.Hope you enjoy. Sorry for the poor sound quality, we’ll try to […]

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