Monthly Archives: March 2018

Why training hard isn’t the answer

Training smarter and not training harder, longer and more often will keep you feeling fresh and reduce your risk of injuries and help keep muscle. Training harder, longer and more often will increase your risk of injury, make you fatigued and limit your gains. Instead here is a list of things to do inside and […]

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Mindset for fat loss

  You have a goal to lose a 10kg in 6 months and choose to do an extreme diet that is over-restrictive and cuts out a food you love completely. You last the first week and have great success dropping 2kg however the second week comes and you are struggling to get motivated already! Now […]

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10 minutes of nothing to unlock everything

Mindfulness could be the key to accelerate fat loss, overall health and a happier you. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to any specific stimuli but nothing else. It is learning to focus on the present moment, non-judgmentally and becoming aware of internal life. Basically, mindfulness induces a relaxed mental state, which can reduce […]

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