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10 minutes of nothing to unlock everything

Mindfulness could be the key to accelerate fat loss, overall health and a happier you. Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to any specific stimuli but nothing else. It is learning to focus on the present moment, non-judgmentally and becoming aware of internal life. Basically, mindfulness induces a relaxed mental state, which can reduce […]

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Don’t let your calories be too low

The issue with over restricting calorie intake with the goal to lose fat.  ( Please note, a calorie deficit is necessary for fat loss, however we do not recommend being in a deficit forever.)Many people who decide they want to lose weight, immediately turn to calorie counting and reducing the energy intake, this normally works […]

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What is success in fitness?

What Does Success Look Like? Success in the gym environment comes in many shapes and forms, some are obvious, and some not so. Quite often we look at person, visually eye them up and down and make a decision of “success” based on that, have they lost or gained etc etc On any given day just remembering […]

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10 nutrition myths and the truth

​10 Nutrition Myths And The TruthA lot of the “rules” we have heard about losing weight are not true but we have heard it so much that we believe in it. Coach Pat has written this list to bust a few of those myths for you so that you can sleep easy. Especially after that […]

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BIG 5 No. 4 – Total Core

Yes. Total core. I call it this because it’s exercises that are more efficient in building a strong core AND abs, than your normal sit ups and crunches. They also bun a hell of a lot more energy than those.These are only a few of the ones we use, but very efficient.​

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