I train like a girl

For some reason girls and women have always thought that as a female, you should lift light weights many times or only do traditional cardio or body weight exercises. This would apparently make you “toned” and lose weight. If someone …

Confused about food labels?

I know it’s confusing and food companies do their best to make everything sound like it’s a good option. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Lisa Eastley who’s a naturopath is coming to BIG 5 Fitness to run a workshop …

You’re not Michael Phelps

If you have any kind of weight excess, you are eating too many calories. Hopefully you don’t eat as much as Michael Phelps used to do when he was at his peak. He could eat this much because of his …

Success Story – Nicole Terry

Nicole came to BIG 5 with one of her goals being to drop weight for her wedding. She has trained with a purpose and amazing dedication throughout this journey. Four sessions a week and has barely missed a single one. …

Success Story – Diana Inkret

As somebody who didn’t make much time for exercise and had trouble getting motivated, I have enjoyed being involved with BIG 5 Fitness. Not only was my experience with Johan and Pat an opportunity to try new exercises, but I …

What is calorie deficit?

Eat less, move more. This is a common thing you hear when trainers or other questionable characters try to simplify fat loss. Basically it’s correct, however if we get picky, you can actually eat more and still lose fat. A …

The Smartie Diet

Some of you may have read about the professor that lost 27 pounds (about 12 kilos) by eating a convenience store diet, now known more as the Twinkie Diet. Read one of the articles here. I’ve written about being able …

Johan Palsson

Owner Yarraville

Since leaving the IT industry and entering in to fitness, me and the team have helped hundreds of people improve themselves, which is what it's all about. Exercise is crucial for long term physical and mental health, which is why I started Big 5. Helping the locals become a better version of themselves is my goal.

Gabriel Leutz

Owner Altona North

I have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. I know how much exercise is important for you and all the benefits that it will bring to your life. I have a strong focus on helping people from a rehab perspective to get them moving pain free and improving their fitness level.

Scott Marshall

Manager/Coach Yarraville

I want to help everyday people to be the best version of themselves that they can be! Having been an ex-smoker, 20kg overweight, struggling with back injuries and lacking motivation I know what it takes to get you to the place that you want to be. My story is not unique, I know it’s a familiar one, I can help!

Nat Hastwell

Coach Altona North

I am a caring and passionate personal trainer with over 5 years experience. I have been very fortunate to learn from the best in the industry and enjoy educating my clients on how to incorporate nutrition and mindset to benefit their training.

Tom Hogan

Coach Yarraville

I believe moving is essential for mental and physical wellbeing; I’m here to support you in discovering the best version of yourself in a manner that’s realistic and achievable and sustainable.

Britt Keating

Coach Yarraville/Altona North

There is so much more to health and fitness than big bulging biceps; I want to help people feel mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically strong and empowered, as a whole, through tackling challenges in the gym, working outside of their comfort zone, building on levels of confidence and resilience, which will translate across to all areas of their life. I am very passionate about my vision; to help those lead a life of quality and happiness.

Zac Martin

Coach Yarraville

I started in the industry working with competitive athletes, before moving into helping everyday people change their life. An emphasis on strength and conditioning coupled with the importance on mindset and motivation to further improve the holistic approach to training. I’m Currently completing a bachelor of exercise and sport science and a Bachelor of psychology. Experience through a cadetship with the western bulldogs and guidance from leading exercise scientists in Australia.

Aaron Liedke

Coach Altona North