We have three programs for you to get started with us. Have a look below, then register your details and one of our coaches will be in contact to help you make the best decision for you.

28 Day Challenge

Our introduction program.
We have been running challenges in different forms for since 2013.

 It's our kick start for you to get some amazing results in a short period of time as well as learn how to keep those results for the long term.

Team Training

Our High Intensity Resistance Training program.

This is our level 2 program and suitable for any fitness level. This is the same type of training we do in our challenges, but we keep taking steps forward as we increase weights, pace and intensity.

Transformation Training

Our level 3 and premium program.

Smaller groups, more personal coaching and based on progressive overload. We call it transformation because it's designed to improve body composition and everyday performance.