Johan Palsson – Owner/Coach – Yarraville/Altona North

Having been an athlete most of my life, playing ice hockey back in Sweden, I decided to become a qualified Personal Trainer in 2011.

I started running boot camps with colleagues from work, which I did for a few years before realizing that I couldn’t fully train people the way I wanted to if I was outdoors. I believe lifting weights is one of the most important things when it comes to being fit and strong so in 2013 I opened up the doors to BIG 5 Fitness in Yarraville where we can train people in the most efficient ways possible.

I believe everyone can train like an athlete if you modify the program for each individual. This way you get improvement in all aspects of fitness, whilst doing it at your own level. Lifting weights is for fat loss, strength and muscle gain, this is why we do it at BIG 5.

Always strive to be better than your best. Be consistent. This way you’re going to have progress forever and never feel like you have to start over again.

Gabriel Leutz – Owner/Coach – Altona North

Gabriel came to Australia about 8 years ago to learn english. He came with his lovely wife and has created a new life in Melbournes inner west. He had his own gym in Brazil but wanted something new.

He worked as a removalist and had his own company for a while as well as working as a swim teacher. All the while with a plan to get back in to the fitness industry fully.

He’s got a beautiful little 2 year old girl keeping him busy when he’s not working or training. Speaking of training, Gabriel is big on resistance training as a base and loves working on his conditioning. His real passion is movement and rehab training, helping people train without pain.

Gabriel is the owner of Big 5 Fitness – Altona North and loves helping people change their lives.

Scott Marshall – Manager/Coach – Yarraville

I played a lot of soccer in my youth however as I moved into my 20’s other temptations took over. Having been relatively active I became a person who did no exercise at all.

As I moved into my 30’s the results of my over indulgencies in smoking, drinking, eating poorly and not doing any activity were taking its toll. I was on to my 3rd back injury, drinking, smoking and eating to null the pain, I was not in a good place, and I was only 32. I decided I didn’t want to continue like this. I initially tried swimming, yoga and Pilates , I wanted a quick fix, but just turning up somewhere once a week was not going to do it, which I soon realised.

I started training with Johan at BIG 5, pretty much my last throw of the dice as I had tried just about everything else. I became accountable to myself, he also kept me accountable. I made an effort, it made a difference!! I haven’t looked back since, I’ve kept off the 15kgs, I found fun and passion in exercise! This led me to want to help others and in Dec 2016 I qualified as a Personal Trainer. I have also been back playing soccer for the last two years and also play squash, my back has never been in better shape!

I want to help everyday people to be the best version of themselves that they can be, my story is not unique, I know it’s a familiar one, I can help!

Zac Martin – Fitness Coach – Yarraville

He started his fitness journey whilst striving to become a better footballer and more recently umpiring, by increasing strength, power and endurance. 
Through training with a sports scientist and strength and conditioning coach, he developed an enjoyment for coaching and training.

He decided to pursue a career in athletic development and undertaking a sport science and sport psychology degree. He loves the connection between the psychology of training and the actual training.

He began his journey working with athletes to improve their performance before recently after starting as a coach at BIG 5, deciding that he much prefers helping the general population change their lives and improve their health and fitness.

Favourite exercise is chin ups, which he likes to challenge everyone and anyone that walks in to the gym with, so that he can show off his skills.

His speciality would be connecting training with the right mindset. This is coaching to Zac, not only smashing someone in a hard training session but to help them continue training with the right attitude for the long term.

He also has a big passion for helping people train with and overcome their injuries and limitations and is constantly educating himself on new methods to make sure he can do this.

Tom Hogan – Fitness Coach – Yarraville

Aaron Liedke – Fitness Coach – Altona North

During his younger years, he had little interest in fitness until 2012 when he caught the gym bug. Ever since then he has never looked back. He gets the biggest kick in teaching and helping people achieve their goals, whatever they may be!

His favourite aspect of fitness is making strong clients!

“Powerlifting is my primary sport, however, I was a keen squash player, and from what have learned in this is consistency and enjoying what you do in the gym is the key to sustained success.

Weight training is one of my favourite things to do in the gym if you stick to this training you are guaranteed to get the long-term results that you require! If you ever have any questions about any training and how you can achieve the results you want to achieve, feel free to talk to me at any time if you see me in the gym space!

Small changes today lead to big changes tomorrow!!!”

Jasmine Turner – Fitness Coach

Nat Hastwell – Fitness Coach