Portion Control Guide – Male

The easiest way to portion meals is to use a hand measurement guide. This controls calorie intake without having to count anything! 

Source: Precision Nutrition http://www.precisionnutrition.com/calorie-control-guide 

There are 2 phases (plus the after plan) to our nutrition program and we follow these for different periods depending on the program you are on and your goals. For our 28 Day Challenge, it looks like this if your goal is to lose some body fat. 

Phase 1 – Week 1.

This is the kick start where we try to give your body the best chance to burn fat as fuel as we reduce the glycogen your body stores by limiting carbs and sugar. We recommend to do this for at least one week, but you can choose to add a second week of this phase. 

Phase 2 – Week 2-4.

Here you are re-balancing your body, and getting to a long-term approach to nutrition.

Phase 3 – After the challenge.

This is your forever plan that you can tailor to your unique nutritional needs

Our plan is created for a male adult.

How Much Should I Eat Per Day?

Phase 1

8 palms of protein 

8 fists of vegetables

3 thumbs of fat

Phase 2

8 palms of protein 

6 fists of vegetables

2 cupped hands of carbs (high energy or low sugar fruit*)

3 thumbs of fat 

Phase 3

8 – 12 palms of protein

6 – 8 fists of vegetables

4 – 8 cupped hands of carbs (high energy or low sugar fruit*)

4 – 8 thumbs of fat

Your hand is proportionate to your body, its size never changes, and it’s always with you, making it the perfect tool for measuring food and nutrients – minimal counting required.

The range in Phase 3 is to accommodate your bodies individual needs including your physical size.  The bigger you are the higher your nutritional needs, i.e. a 6 foot tall person requires more than a 5 foot person. Activity level, i.e. more active = more nutritional requirements.  Age and life stage also play a role, the younger you are the higher your nutritional requirements, pregnant and nursing women also require additional nutrition, as we age into our 60’s our requirements reduce.  Last but not least your body composition.  Bottom line is a one-size fits all plan just does not exist!  Your forever plan needs to be tailored to your unique nutritional requirements. 

Eat high energy carbs when you need them, as the name suggests eat them when you need energy for exercise so your body can use the energy and not store it!  Eat your high energy carbs with the snack or meal before or after exercise.  If you are not vigorously exercising during the day you don’t have to eat these, this is up to you. 

You can choose the number of meals/snacks a day you eat; we recommend no less than 2 and no more than 5.