The 5 Best Ways to Survive the Christmas Gluttony

Every Christmas we all seem to over indulge. We feel like crap once it’s over and then we make a New Years resolution to drop the weight we have gained over the festive season.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be that way? That you don’t have to be all or nothing over the holidays?

Well I’m going to keep this short and sweet so that you don’t get bored before getting to the 5 points.

Here are my BIG 5 ways to minimise the damage over the Christmas break.

1. Intermittent fasting

This is a method I’ve used myself multiple times. In fact I still use it regularly and most times when I’m away on holidays. It’s a very simple way to burn fat for longer in the morning and cutting overall calories.

All you do is have breakfast later in the day. I would normally not eat anything until lunch time. Skip the toast, cereal and orange juice and make the first meal of the day the Christmas lunch. You will survive until lunch, I promise.
So you basically don’t eat anything between your dinner the night before and lunch time on the big day. Cutting out 500-1000 (obviously depending on your normal breakfast) that you can have later in the day.

All the 5 ways starts the day with a hard workout. I’m not talking going for a jog either. You should hit the weights with high intensity and if you don’t have access to weights, do some high intensity bodyweight stuff. There’s a sample workout that is my go-to when I want to get a quick workout in, at the end of this report.

2. Don’t eat the carbs

This way you will feel less bloated and not fill up as fast. Most people want the turkey and ham anyway so skip the bread and potatoes, or whatever it is that you have, and go for more of the protein. Cutting out the carbs will automatically cut calories as well.

Workout in the morning, before it all starts. It’s a must.

3. Only eat your favourites

Too often I see people eat everything in sight, even though they don’t really love all of it. Be mindful with what you put on your plate. If you love the ham, but could take or leave the turkey (just examples) don’t have the turkey.
If you aren’t really a sweet tooth, don’t eat the sweet stuff. Simply just enjoy more of the things you really love and don’t go for all of it. Skip the Christmas pudding.

Again, train in the morning!

4. Cut the alcohol

Ok, this one would be the toughest for many of you. But it’s obviously through liquid calories we would gain most of the weight. If you cut out all alcohol, you could eat whatever you want and don’t gain any weight.
You could also choose to have some drinks but you don’t have to keep up with that uncle of yours who always seem to drink a slab.
This is a big one but a tough one if you do drink alcohol. It would obviously work and you could enjoy all the food. So this would mean you choose if you want the food or the beer more.

You know it now, you have to get that workout in….

5. Eat and drink everything

Probably my favourite! Ha, except number one which works the same, this one is what I’d choose. Although it would be a combo of number 1, 3 and 5 for myself.

One day of overeating will not make you fat. You have to enjoy Christmas. If it’s only for the one day, just enjoy and don’t stress about what you ate.
It’s if we eat the same way for the whole week that the real weight gain happens. Honestly if Christmas Day is the only day you have a big one with food and drinks, just enjoy it and don’t stress about it.

Train in the morning though, this way you’d make sure all that food goes to use for your muscles.

So there it is, short and simple but it’s definitely going to help you minimise the damage.

Here’s that sample workout that you could do in the morning, it’s going to bust your butt, but you’ll feel better for it.

Descending Ladder

1A. Push ups

1B. Squat (jumps)

1C. Mountain climbers

1D. Burpees
1E. High knees on the spot or sprint

Start at 20 repetitions of 1A followed by 20 of 1B and so on. Once 1D is completed, go back to 1A for 18 reps. Repeat until 2 repetitions have been completed for all exercises. Deduct 2 reps each round.
You can start at a lower number if you want to do a quicker one.
1E stays the same each round so if you do high knees do 50. If you choose a sprint, don’t go further than about 20 seconds, but go hard.
Rest as needed through but try to complete it as quick as possible.

So that's a good start guys. Should you still go wrong somewhere with this or choose No. 5 over multiple days and you feel like you'd need some help dropping it in January, you can always join our

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