Do you have trouble sleeping?

Here are 5 steps to have your best night sleep yet!

1. Dim the Lights: Light suppresses melatonin which is responsible for making us fall asleep.

2. Avoid a screen: Light from your screen is even worse than normal light, so stay away if you want a good sleep.

3.Mindfulness and Breathing: Allow your body time to relax and clear the mind. I like to do a breathing exercise (from the app Calm) but mindfulness is even better! Calm also offers guided mindfulness designed for sleep which takes about 5 minutes!

4.Magnesium: Helps reduce insomnia and cortisol (the stress hormone) and relaxes muscles which can all keep you up at night.

5. Repeat breathing: If you can’t fall asleep get-up and find a comfy space and repeat the mindfulness or breathing. Don’t go back to bed until your sleepy!