Here are 5 cues to a better deadlift:


  1. Start with the bar over your shoelace knot
  2. The bar (or handle kb…) should be directly under your shoulders, so that a straight line would be present from your collar bone to the bar (see image)
  3. Take the slack out of the bar: The bar is smaller than the hole in the plates and as such can move around without actually lifting the plates. Start by slightly building up pressure where you feel the bar hit the top of the plate and the clinking sound stops.
  4. Press the ground away: A common mistake is trying to lift the bar and compromising your back position. Instead,
    try to picture that you are leg pressing the ground away and just extending the knees.
  5. Finish with a strong lock out: There are two common types of mistakes here, the first is over locking out and hyperextending the back or not locking out at all. Think of this last bit like a glute bridge and that you are driving your hips into the bar.

Coach Zac