nutrition plan - two options

We use two methods for our kickstarters, you choose which one suits you best. Portion Control is our simplest way where you use hand measurements to "track" your food intake. Calorie Tracking is a bit more advanced as you have to weigh and measure everything you eat and also use a third party app to track it properly. 


Our portion control guide is very simple to follow. 

You will get a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat. 

You use your own hands to "eye ball" the amount you eat every day.

Most people choose this method and it has worked for 100's of our kickstarters over the years and produced some amazing results.


If you like data and tracking things.

Once you've done your first InBody scan, we work out your calories and macros for you. 

You need a  food scale and the MyFitnessPal app to track all you eat and drink. 

We adjust your calories if we don't see any progress in the first couple of weeks.

This method is more work for you, but it's really hard to fail if you follow it properly. 

Portion Control Hand Measurement Guide