Said no one.


fruit burger

When was the last time you heard someone say they got fat from eating fruit?

“My apple addiction is killing my fat loss”

“Beach season is nearly here, I better cut down on my banana intake”

Most likely you havenät heard anyone say this, but you can still hear people tell you to stop eating fruit on a weight loss program, becuase of the sugar content.

My opinion is that there are always other thigns you should cut out before cutting the fruit. I almost get pissed off when someone asks me about this advice, before cutting out things like alcohol, chips and ice cream.
And Iäm not even saying you have to totally cut those things out of your diet. Just that the apples aren`t what is stopping you from dropping body fat.

I have a little bit of the same opinion when it comes to coffee. It`s said that yuo can drop 7 kilos in ayear by cutting your daily latte out of your diet. That may be true but if you really enjoy that latte, maybe that ycould be your treat, rather than also adding a muffin or brownie to have with it. Those are the things to cut out first.

Eat fruit. Stop eating other crap first. The sugar in fruit is also not as bad as processed sugar. so the body will handle it better.

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