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Whey or casein protein?


Whey proteinThis type of protein makes up 20% of cow’s milk and is a by-product of producing cheese. The liquid leftover after the straining and curdling process is concentrated and the whey extracted to form powder supplements popular with gym-goes the world over.Whey protein is high in the branched-chain amino [...]

Whey or casein protein?2022-04-05T15:50:27+10:00

How good’s this!


We're back doing what we do best, group training. We've moved most of the gym outdoors to give our members the Big 5 experience even though we're not back at the gym yet. Keen to come back or give it a go? Message us here 0407 644 687 and we'll [...]

How good’s this!2020-10-31T13:24:07+11:00

Podcast #6 – Renee Irvine


This time Renee and I talk about hayfever, what can you do to prepare for the hayfever season. We also talk about how to get over a plateau when you're trying to drop weight and a few other things. Lots to take home from this episode. Have a [...]

Podcast #6 – Renee Irvine2020-09-18T13:17:05+10:00

Healthy…or not?


There are a lot of clever marketing teams out there – especially in food marketing. Because of this, it’s harder than ever to know what’s actually good for us. Here’s a few examples of some “healthy” foods that you may have been consuming without seeing the full nutritional picture. This [...]

Healthy…or not?2020-09-17T17:04:21+10:00

Podcast #3 – Janis Wilson from Super Movement Part 1


New podcast with Janis from Super Movement. Super Movement focus mainly on pilates but also run kids and teen fitness classes as well as semi-private strength sessions. Janis and I talked about her start in fitness and why she did pilates, why she had a break from it, [...]

Podcast #3 – Janis Wilson from Super Movement Part 12020-09-02T15:20:50+10:00

Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising


I actually met my now husband at the gym – so you’d think I’d picked up a fellow health and fitness buff. We’d live happily ever after eating salad and spending our Saturday mornings at bootcamp… right? I was definitely a bit far off the mark with that [...]

Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising2020-08-28T09:31:56+10:00