It's said that we lose 3% of our lean body mass each decade, after we turn 30. If you don't know what lean body mass is, this may sound like a positive thing.
Really, I'm going to lose weight by doing nothing else than having a birthday? Sounds fantastic.

However, your lean body mass is muscle and bones so the problem with this is that your body fat percentage goes up automatically, if you have the same amount of body fat.
So even though you're losing weight (which you most likely won't due to decreased metabolism) it's not the weight you want to lose. We want to drop fat, not muscle.

To prevent this from happening, you need to exercise and you need to exercise with resistance. Could be body weight exercises but preferably you'd use some extra resistance such as barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells and you'd progress up in weight as you get stronger, adding on more muscle to you body.

If you are already lean and skinny, you may end up looking like this...​

If you're not, this may be the result...​

Why is that, you may be thinking? Well, because muscle and bones help keeping your metabolism high so it's crucial that we try to at least maintain muscle, if not gain. Your bones will get stronger with weight training too so that's another reason to do it, preventing osteoporosis. 

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