How good’s this!

We're back doing what we do best, group training. We've moved most of the gym outdoors to give our members the Big 5 experience even though we're not back at the gym yet. Keen to come back or give it a go? Message us here 0407 644 687 and we'll [...]

How good’s this!2020-10-31T13:24:07+11:00

Podcast #6 – Renee Irvine

This time Renee and I talk about hayfever, what can you do to prepare for the hayfever season. We also talk about how to get over a plateau when you're trying to drop weight and a few other things. Lots to take home from this episode. Have a [...]

Podcast #6 – Renee Irvine2020-09-18T13:17:05+10:00

Healthy…or not?

There are a lot of clever marketing teams out there – especially in food marketing. Because of this, it’s harder than ever to know what’s actually good for us. Here’s a few examples of some “healthy” foods that you may have been consuming without seeing the full nutritional picture. This [...]

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Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising

I actually met my now husband at the gym – so you’d think I’d picked up a fellow health and fitness buff. We’d live happily ever after eating salad and spending our Saturday mornings at bootcamp… right? I was definitely a bit far off the mark with that [...]

Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising2020-08-28T09:31:56+10:00


  There is nothing greater than dining out with family and friends. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures but a lot of us get confused when it comes to ordering and staying healthy. Here are a few tips that might help you next time you head out. Remember it is […]

EATING OUT ON A DIET2020-01-10T13:13:34+11:00


  A lot of us have goals that we want to achieve – but how do we go about it? 1. Set a specific and measurable goal – avoid setting a goal that’s vague and lacks a quantifiable measurement; simply saying I want to lose weight or get stronger isn’t […]

HOW TO SET & ACHIEVE A GOAL2020-01-10T13:55:45+11:00


  If you have spoken to us about supplements before or have done some individual diet work, you would have heard us recommend vitamin D, you have probably heard how amazing Vitamin D is too. You probably know it comes from the sun. You know you should take it, but […]

WHY VITAMIN D2020-01-10T13:56:42+11:00


  Success in the gym, as with most things in life, comes down to mastering the basics. Keep it Simple !!! With that in mind, here are 5 exercise tips, weightlifting basics, and training essentials nobody wants to believe but everyone should follow. No magic pills 💊 1. You must commit […]

5 TIPS TO SUCCESS2020-01-10T14:01:10+11:00


  The Big 5 Kokoda trek was completed late last month! And the trek well and truly lived up to its’ reputation; the trekking was tough – emotionally and physically – I cried most days – but its inspired me to be a better man, a better dad and a […]

BIG 5 @ KOKODA2020-01-10T14:10:22+11:00