That aren't your weight! You’ve been hitting your step count every day, eating your veggies, drinking your water and smashing your Big 5 sessions... and the scale just isn’t budging. What gives? Truth be told, weight [...]

FIVE WAYS TO MEASURE PROGRESS2022-07-29T14:07:12+10:00

Whey or casein protein?

Whey proteinThis type of protein makes up 20% of cow’s milk and is a by-product of producing cheese. The liquid leftover after the straining and curdling process is concentrated and the whey extracted to form powder [...]

Whey or casein protein?2022-04-05T15:50:27+10:00

How good’s this!

We're back doing what we do best, group training. We've moved most of the gym outdoors to give our members the Big 5 experience even though we're not back at the gym yet. Keen to come [...]

How good’s this!2020-10-31T13:24:07+11:00

Healthy…or not?

There are a lot of clever marketing teams out there – especially in food marketing. Because of this, it’s harder than ever to know what’s actually good for us. Here’s a few examples of some “healthy” [...]

Healthy…or not?2020-09-17T17:04:21+10:00

Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising

I actually met my now husband at the gym – so you’d think I’d picked up a fellow health and fitness buff. We’d live happily ever after eating salad and spending our Saturday mornings [...]

Help! My partner and/or family don’t share the same drive for eating healthy and exercising2020-08-28T09:31:56+10:00


  There is nothing greater than dining out with family and friends. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures but a lot of us get confused when it comes to ordering and staying healthy. Here are a […]

EATING OUT ON A DIET2020-01-10T13:13:34+11:00