I love competing. All my life I have been involved in team sports, ice hockey mainly, and have always had a big will to win. It was always important to me and I know that many of you may not have the same competitive side, some of you do.
Even when I train, my competitive side has helped me get better and constantly improve, even to this day. It makes me push further and harder as I am always competing with myself or my timer.

As much as I love winning, I hate cheating in sports. I lose all respect for people when I find out that they have used steroids to become the best. Don't get me wrong, even those who take steroids have to work their butts off, however in my eyes it's not a proper win.
So when hearing that it's going to cost Lance Armstrong another $12 million that he has to pay back to sponsors, I really don't feel sorry for him.

How does this relate to training?
Well it will probably never cost you $12 million but if you do cheat during a training session, it may cost you time. I know everyone does not have the same love for competing and training that others do but if you go to the gym and don't put in everything you have, you are cheating yourself. You may add on years to the time it will take you to reach your results.

I am not trying to point to anything in specific, I have done it myself as well. Skipping that last push up, resting when the trainer looks away or always choosing a lighter weight than you have potential to lift.
This kind of cheating only affects yourself but could be the reason you're not getting the results you want.

Could something be done in 12 months but 12 years on you still look the same, lift the same weight or can't fit in to your skinny jeans that have been waiting for you in the wardrobe?
It could be a matter of just doing that last push up. When the beeper sounds on the timer, instead of stopping half way through a push up you do an extra repetition. Shooting for 16 burpees in the next round when you have always done 15.

These small changes can make a huge difference and take you to that next level.
Always be your daily best. I don't mean that you have to be better every time, but you should always try to be the best you can on that day.

Don't let it cost you "$12 million".


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