We hear a lot of talk on “motivation” …

“I’m feeling really motivated, I’m smashing it in the gym, so my eating has been on point …” or “I haven’t had the motivation, so I’ve dropped the ball with my training and my nutrition isn’t the best right now …”

We use motivation as the reason behind our actions, as a justification as to why we are staying accountable to our goals or why we aren’t. Motivation is fleeting, it’s up and down, so to rely on something so inconsistent, is setting yourself up for a life of chasing your tail. In an ideal World, motivation would be at an all-time high always, but unfortunately, motivation isn’t smooth sailing like that. Even the most motivated people on the planet eventually are hit by waves of feeling uninspired, flat and would much rather watch reruns of Friends than sweat it out in the gym.

This is where discipline comes into the play. Discipline is often associated with something negative, however, it should be embraced as a positive; you are forgoing temporary wants and desires that might not always be within your best interest, for long term gain, satisfaction, self-love/respect and overall happiness.

Here’s an example;

It’s been a long day at work, you’re feeling annoyed and stressed with the unfair demands and current workload that’s been placed on you, this stress is being released on your relationship and things are tense, you are about to walk into the gym but are feeling tired and overall crap. You decide to skip the gym and head home to veg out. You’ve justified doing this because you’ve had bad day, and everything seems too hard at the moment. This mentality becomes a pattern, time goes by and you reflect on why you are yet to reach the goals you set for yourself so long ago. Your self – esteem and overall happiness is then negatively affected. This is a result of relying on motivation and for you to be feeling good in order for you to do good.

A disciplined mindset would have chosen to push through, despite what’s happening in other areas of life, although at the time bailing on the gym and eating a bag of Doritos was the preferred option.

If we follow through with our commitment to our goals with a disciplined mindset, we are using a consistent driving factor through life. We will develop resilience when faced with adversity and are more likely to reach our goals as we are taking control of our mind and emotions, conditioning it to “get the job done” regardless of any external influences, in turn increases one’s own self-image, self-respect and overall happiness.