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Our challenge is created with simplicity in mind and we have aimed to make it so that anyone could follow it and stick to it.

Please watch the video where I go through all the principles of it, it will help you understand what it's all about.

Otherwise check the portion control guides and recommended food and you should be all set. Please don't hesitate to talk to any of the coaches should you have any questions.

IMPORTANT: If you have any dietary, medical or other concerns, please talk to us first. We cannot give you any medical advice or specific dietary advice. This is a general guide.

Please note. This is a video I made for our 90-day challenge but the method is the same and most of the information still applies.

We recommend following the portion control option for most people. 

If you like data and tracking things, we can give you a macro tracking plan instead. Please speak to one of the coaches.

This method is more work for you, but it's really hard to fail if you follow it properly.