That aren’t your weight!

You’ve been hitting your step count every day, eating your veggies, drinking your water and smashing your Big 5
sessions… and the scale just isn’t budging. What gives?

Truth be told, weight has never been a great measurement for fitness and strength improvements. It’s time to forget
those numbers on your bathroom scale – there are so many other ways to measure those hard-earned gains!

Body composition changes
Even if the scale isn’t showing any change (or even going up!) there could be changes in your body fat percentage
and muscle mass. These two measurements give a much better picture of results from training and nutrition than
just looking at weight alone. Our InBody scanner can tell you where you currently stand and track your progress
over time (ask our coaches if you haven’t already hopped on the scanner!). Consistency is the best way to see
results here – with both your training and nutrition!

The way your clothes fit
The changes in body composition often mean your body now carries fat and muscle in a different way – meaning
your shape may have changed in more ways than one. Measurements like waist and hip circumferences are one
way to track this, but another way is with your clothes. As you get fitter and stronger, you may notice your clothes
feeling looser, or simply just feeling better on!

Better mental health
Many of us don’t go to the gym just for physical benefits, but rather to enjoy exercise as stress relief. Progress in the
gym can be measured by how much better you feel mentally for having gotten your workout in! Many of our Big 5ers
say the main reason they train is to clear their minds and be in a better mood for their family, friends and colleagues.
Especially for those with a hectic work and/or family life, time in the gym is about having time out and blowing off
some steam before heading back into the chaos.

Increased energy and confidence
Another sign of progress is feeling more confident in yourself. Often, improvements in strength and fitness in the
gym translate to feeling awesome outside the gym – how good is that? Along with this newfound confidence, you
may find you have more energy throughout the day to tackle work and family commitments.

Improved strength and form
As coaches it’s incredible to watch everyone progress with their technique and challenge themselves with heavier
weights. This is a great way to measure progress if your focus is on improving your skills and learning how to move
well. During your next session, think about when you first started training and how foreign some of the exercises felt,
and how heavy the weights felt – and compare that to how you feel now!