Everyone always talks about goal setting and how to set SMART goals, we all know how to do it now. The thing we struggle with is keeping ourselves motivated, disciplined and accountability. We tend to send a goa

l when we are most motivated, which means we are likely to be discipline but as motivation drops (this is normal too, motivation levels will vary every day) we can lose sight and never achieve them.

So I thought I will share the method I use to make sure I actually achieve my goals.
Welcome my little Green Book, it’s where all my goals are written down, planned and measured.
At the front of the Book are my yearly goals, then there is a section of each month. At the start of these sections are the monthly goals, followed by weekly goals. Then if there are any other goals (ie: drop 5% body fat before a certain date) these are put at the back of the book.

Here are the steps to do for your goals: 

1. Set your major goal with SMART techniques.

2. Write down why this goal is important (this should be deep and meaningful)

3. Work backward from your major goal, create a plan on how you will get there, break it down into what you need to do each month. Here are now your monthly goals. Write this under the goal. You now have your monthly goals, and again plank how you will achieve these and write them under the monthly goal.
Use these to plan your weekly goals and weekly musts, write them down.

You now have a blueprint on how to reach your major goal whether it be yearly, or anything else with what you must do everyday, every week, every month in small achievable steps.
This is the best part, you get to cross off each goal when you complete it, meaning to achieve success everyday and every week, keeping you motivated.