Self control is the most important factor in reaching any of your fitness goals. The best program, coach or diet will not get results unless you adhere to it, and actually do what you are meant to.

Hence, this post: How to improve self control:

  1. Set small and achievable goals – keep it simple: Eating 3 serves of vegetables a day Drink 2 liters of water a day
  2. Control what you can control: Make your environment supportive and remove temptations (like your chocolate drawer at work) and replace these with good food choices. Be realistic – reward yourself with cheat meals once a week and plan for that.
  3. Center your diet around foods that keep you full and eliminate/minimize foods that can trigger you into bad habits and binge episodes
  4. Let people know about your goals, then they can help you and not offer you food that can be tempting.
  5. Always plan for the unexpected, a good idea is to keep some frozen meals at home for those nights where you forgot to cook and would normally get take away.

Coach Zac