A lot of us have goals that we want to achieve – but how do we go about it?

1. Set a specific and measurable goal – avoid setting a goal that’s vague and lacks a quantifiable measurement; simply saying I want to lose weight or get stronger isn’t specific enough – make it concrete – I want to drop by body fat % by 5%, or I want to increase my deadlift by 10%.

2. Make the goal achievable – the goal should be challenging but not beyond the realms of possibility – otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

3. Set a start and finish date and keep it relatively short – 4-6 weeks – if we have a larger goal in mind, break that goal into smaller stages – thus we’ll avoid meandering toward the endpoint.

4. Plan and execute – lean on people and work out the best course of action – write the plan down and refer back to it constantly.

5. Be resilient – Don’t let small setbacks deter you from achieving your ultimate goal.

6. Engage a coach to help you stay accountable – we all can do with a hand!

The best part of setting a goal is that you’ll be more engaged and motivated in your sessions.

Coach Tom