This is another 'fact'we've heard, that we need to keep the body guessing to not hit plateaus. Problem is, you also keep your mind guessing and your training won't be as effective. You need to mix the training up but not every session. Those of you that train with me know that we do mix things up but it's always a variation on the basics involved. You need to squat, push, pull, do some total body core work and sprint in some way. Those are the big 5.

Why I called my gym Big 5 Fitness. Those can be done in a countless number of ways but the basics are always going to win. Also, fitness is not just cardio. To me fitness is being strong and be able to lift things when needed. You also need to be able to run up a set of stairs without feeling like your lungs ate going to explode. The third thing is to move without pain. These three combined makes good fitness.

But if all you do is train and think that every season need to feel like a 2km prowler push, you're wrong. You do not need to feel like you'd are going to vomit in every single session. The focus should be on improvement and getting better. Stronger faster and more mobile. If you then apply a 90% eating good foods, 10% treats, you're guaranteed to lose weight as well. I've said this before, when I dropped my 20 odd kilos, the simplest and easiest way was when I only did 3 exercises plus finished with sprints. Every session.

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Or click on this link to book your strategy session. It's only 240 odd days until summer. It may sound like a lot but you can't wait until spring of you want to get fit for summer. My true belief is that as long as you're confident to a swim suit you have a bikini body, but of you're not its time to do something about it. Unless you genuinely hate the beach. If you hate the beach because your not confident up get in your bathers, click here and we'll help you out.