Many people experience lower back pain when starting out exercise after not doing much for a while, a lot of people also find that sometime during their training life, they experience periods of lower back pain. Below are some quick tips you can try to help strengthen and recover.

  1. Warm up and mobilise your hip flexors, adductors and glutes. I suggest doing a smash based drill followed by a static stretch for each. Then a well rounded active warm up that targets all areas. An example is
  • KB Hip Flexor smash
  • Back Foot elevated Hip Flexor Stretch
  • KB Adductor Roll
  • Spiderman Adductor Stretch
  • Spiky Ball Glute Smash
  • Pigeon Stretch
  • Movement based warm up including Lunges, Squats and Lateral Walks

2.  Core training is important, however so core exercises can worsen your back pain when already under stress and some will back you feel much better. Her are some examples of good core exercises:  

  • Anti-Movement exercises like bracing and Pallof Press like exercise.
  • Plank variations are great, however keep them short around 20 sec burst are perfect
  • Avoid spinal flexion exercises like sit ups and crunches, these will cause no long term damage but will give some discomfort when already under stress.

If you are having any trouble with lower back pain speak with one of our coaches who will be happy to help or if you have any question feel free to contact us. If you have any actual structural injury like a disk bulge, this is not relevant, instead seek advice from an professional or chat with us.