14 DAYS FOR $47

    14 DAYS FOR $47

the team

Gabriel Leutz
Owner Altona North

I have been working in the fitness industry for more than 10 years. I know how much exercise is important for you and all the benefits that it will bring to your life. I have a strong focus on helping people from a rehab perspective to get them moving pain free and improving their fitness level. 

Zac Martin
Manager/Coach Yarraville

I started in the industry working with competitive athletes, before moving into helping everyday people change their life. An emphasis on strength and conditioning coupled with the importance on mindset and motivation to further improve the holistic approach to training. I’m Currently completing a bachelor of exercise and sport science and a Bachelor of psychology. Experience through a cadetship with the western bulldogs and guidance from leading exercise scientists in Australia.

Miguel Angel Pinzön
Coach Altona North

I started my journey back in 2010 covering a shift of a trainer in my old gym while I was studying Physical Education. I fell in love with teaching and helping people to move better which is what I believe it’s all about.

I worked with runners and triathletes where I had great experiences and meet wonderful people. Nowadays I split my time between what I call Community/Functional training at Big 5 AN and strength and conditioning for a Football(soccer) team.

I am more than willing to answer questions, share my experiences or set goals. Currently studying Remedial massage.

Katie Adema
Coach Altona North

After working full time in communications for six years, I reassessed what my real passion was and made the big switch into the fitness industry.

I’ve experienced first hand what it’s like to go from a non-exerciser to a gym junkie so I understand the barriers and insecurities there can be for a first timer.

I’m here to show you how exercise can change your life for the better, giving you confidence not only in your physical self but in all areas of your life.

Monique Sims
Coach Yarraville

Working as a podiatrist when I’m not a fitness coach, I’m always about helping people improve and move better.
I was a competitive swimmer and now I have swapped to crossfit, where I’m competing both as an individual and in a team.
Fitness is part of what I do and I love helping people get fitter, stronger and feel good.

Johan Palsson
Owner Yarraville

Since leaving the IT industry and entering in to fitness, me and the team have helped hundreds of people improve themselves, which is what it’s all about. Exercise is crucial for long term physical and mental health, which is why I started Big 5. Helping the locals become a better version of themselves is my goal.

Andreea Lazar
Coach Yarraville