So much time goes into physically preparing us for PB day. For transformation it has been a 10 week lead up, however, mental preparation is also an important part often overlooked.

Often people are physically capable of completing the lift but almost freak out with the thought of heavy weight on their shoulders or on top of them. Below are five key strategies to implement to take your lifting to the max.

1. Your first 2 lifts (this is for one-rep max lifters, you also get 3!) should be something you have done before and are comfortable with doing without too much stress. This makes you feel great and starts you off in a positive fashion.

2. Engrain Coaching cues: You know what and how to perform each lift, so don’t focus on too much. Pick 2 or 3 cues that you don’t struggle with or find really important and make sure you do these. (eg: My bench press cue is rolling the shoulders back and down)

3. Visualise the lift: Whilst you wait, visualize you successfully lifting your goal 1RM. Picture the entire lift (the weight on your shoulders, the gym around you, people cheering and you being successful)

4. Meditate: This is where you get yourself ready, a couple of secs/ minutes before, calm yourself. I like to close my eyes, count backward from 10, nice and slow, breathing on each count. When you’re done, open your eyes and say something positive (eg: I’ve got this) out loud!

5. Don’t approach until you’re ready: This has a part a and b. Part A: Don’t approach the bar until you’re ready. If something happens and you’re not ready, step away, reset and then come back. Don’t stand there hyping yourself up or waiting. Part B: Don’t lift until you’re set up is correct. You should have a routine on how you set up for a lift. (For a bench press, I cement my feet, and drive myself down using the rack. My Index finger is always on the knurling line and then I pull the shoulder back and down) if this isn’t done, the lift won’t be successful. TAKE YOUR TIME, there is no rush and make sure you are ready.
Follow these 5 steps to achieve your best lift!!

Coach Zac