Often we see limited ranges of motion with a lot of people due to structural limitations which is perfectly normal, however it is also very common for people who can use a full range of motion not to.

Training through a full range of motion has a number of positive effects on muscle building. Here are four reasons:

  1. Full ROM leads to greater muscle activation for full development of the target area
  2. Full Rom leads to great increases in fiber length
  3. Increase joint health and preservation
  4. Standardizes technique to allow more accurate progression and overload

When starting to utilise range of motion, it is often quite hard to use a full range and requires alot of work to improve. There are heaps of different strategies to enhance mobility, like stretching both static and active, body tampering, flossing and banded joint mobilisation, all of which can help. There are also examples where individuals may never be able to improve mobility due to uncontrollable factors like bone shape and size.

If you want to improve your mobility to access a full range of motion during exercise, speak with one of our coaches who will be more than happy to give you some drills to try.

Coach Zac