From time to time we get stuck with ourselves, whether that be reaching a goal in the gym or something in our lives that we are struggling to even address or acknowledge. Actually having a rational conversation with your inner voice can be an empowering way to have a look at situations in our lives e.g a common one would “I’m not good/worthy enough”. The inner conversation in our heads around this can be exhausting, disempowering and debilitating. You are worthy!

What if you had a rational conversation with that voice from a place of kindness and compassion, the outcome has the potential to be much more favourable! This is a practice, we’ve trained ourselves to question everything and mostly ourselves at every point. The first part is to actually notice when your inner voice is trying to sabotage you, notice and name it and if needs, have a conversation with it as I’ve outlined above.

Here are some self-coaching  questions you can ask yourself which can help a number of areas, my favourite is number 2.

Coach Scott

Thanks Lisa Stephenson for the image