We are achievable and sustainable!

Big 5 offers small group training for all fitness levels. We believe in balance and don’t encourage extreme diets or exercise, but rather have a long-term goal for all our members – to feel fit, strong and good about themselves!

All our training programs are written in-house by our Big 5 coaches, who create a unique workout for our members every day.


Our sessions are 40 or 50 minute small group classes and focus on a mixture of strength and conditioning so our members get the best results possible. Improving cardiovascular fitness and building lean muscle are our main goals. We also aim to provide well-rounded training for our members – some sessions may be more strength-focussed, while others are based on cardio and endurance. We also have upper and lower focusses for each session, however we still deliver a full-body workout every day.


If you're unsure about committing to a membership we have a few options to introduce you to Big 5. Although none of our memberships have lock in contracts, this may be a good way to get started with us. 

These introductory memberships can't be combined with another Get Started offer.

Pick one that you think works best for you. Once you've completed your

Starter Pack we'll help you pick one of our memberships to continue.


Our 7 day free trial. Come and test it out for a week and get a little feel for what we do and how we train. 

Unlimited access to all MOVE classes. 


Best value!

Experience Big 5 for a full 30 days for only $97. This will give you a full month to not only test us out but also get fit as you're doing it!

Unlimited access to all MOVE classes. 


If you want a little bit longer than 7 days but aren't sure if you want to commit to a full month, pick this option and experience Big 5 for 14 days. 

Unlimited access to all MOVE classes. 



None of our memberships have lock in contracts so you can safely jump straight into one of these. 

$50 /week

3 classes per week

We call this one MOVE Halftime. This is the same membership as our popular MOVE option, but with access to 3 classes per week. Perfect if you find it hard to get time for more than 3 classes. 

Access to 3 MOVE classes per week. 

$60 /week

Most Popular!

This is our most popular program, incorporating strength and cardio exercises into a very effective workout. MOVE is suitable for any fitness level and can be easily modified to accommodate injuries. This is the same type of training we do in our challenges, but we keep taking steps forward as we increase weights, pace and intensity.

Unlimited access to all MOVE classes. 

$69 /week

Small Group

Our advanced level and premium program. Small groups of max 8 people.

Using barbells and working in smaller groups, this specialised program is based on progressive overload. It’s designed to improve body composition and everyday performance, plus build serious muscle!

Unlimited access to both LIFT and MOVE classes.


Mornings - Monday to Friday 

5:30AM - 6:15AM - 7AM - 7:45AM - 9:30AM

Evenings - Monday to Thursday

4:45PM - 5:30PM - 6:15PM


7AM - 8AM - 9AM


If you're still not sure and haven't yet sent an enquiry, submit your details and we will give you a call or if you prefer, send you some more details and you can ask any questions you may have.