Some of you may have read about the professor that lost 27 pounds (about 12 kilos) by eating a convenience store diet, now known more as the Twinkie Diet.

Read one of the articles here.

I’ve written about being able to drop weight without any kind of training before. Some people understand what my point is, some take it literally and think they don’t need to train, some give me smart ass comments. Which I do enjoy by the way.

When it comes to weight loss, you can be successful by dropping your calories and don’t do any training. You will have to keep dropping the calorie intake once you plateau though and eventually you’ll end up on eating basically nothing.

This guy needs to eat more.

This guy needs to eat more.

You can also drop weight by just adding in some training to your daily routine. It’s harder but it can be done if you train the right way and with enough intensity.
One guy who trained with me dropped 8 kilos without changing his diet at all.

What do we ultimately want then?
Lose fat, gain muscle, feel great.

When losing weight from dieting alone, a lot of that weight will be water and muscle. Water weight can be ok to drop as you’ll feel leaner however if you lose muscle you’re in for trouble. This will lead to slower metabolism and ultimately you’ll be able to eat less.
I know I want to eat more, not less, I’m sure you’re the same. By eating more we’re ramping up our metabolism so as long as we’re tracking that we’re still in a calorie deficit, we’ll lose fat. You’ll also be able to add on more muscle with resistance training when eating more.

I would not recommend going on a Smartie Diet just because it is possible to lose weight. Not only will you be weaker, you’ll also lose a lot of health benefits you’d get from eating fruit and veg. I actually don’t really recommend any diet.

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

I think it’s more important to find a way of eating that will allow you to live life, stay healthy and that you can maintain forever.

If you want to know more about how to achieve this, don’t hesitate to contact us.