Let’s accept that life has no pause button- that there’s never a magical “right time’ to begin something. Do you know what’s better than pressing pause and doing nothing? Doing something! As we like to say, “The ‘All or nothing’ mentality rarely gets us “all: It usually gets us “nothing”.

That’s why we propose a new mantra: ‘Always Something”

There are times when you may want to dial your efforts up and times when you want to dial them down, but never turn the dial off completely. Think of your fitness and nutrition efforts as a dial. Instead of pressing pause, simply adjust the dial. There’s a big difference between tuning your dial to 3, 2 , or even a 1, and turning the whole thing off.And when you realise how doable and effective channels 3 and 3 and 1 can be, you see that there’s never a good reason to hit “pause”

This was a blog that Coach Scott found @ Precision Nutrition and something that we at Big 5 totally agree with and encourage everyone to follow.