We often get asked about the best core training exercises, so I have decided to explain the different types of core exercises.

Core training can be broken into 3 main categories:

Bracing: This involves exercises such as Planking and Hollow holds, bracing is the foundation for core exercises

Flexion Based Movements: This includes movements typically seen in ab exercises like sit-ups and crunches.

Anti-Movements: This includes palof press (pictured here) and weighted carries and is the best type of core training for sports players or for everyday core strength. This is translatable to everyday life, like carrying a single bag of shopping to the car without arching over.

When training core movements it is important to use a variety of these different types of core movements, however, it is also important to understand that your “core” should be activated and therefore is training constantly. Using Bracing techniques in all exercises like squats and deadlifts will not only improve your technique and strength but also train your core.

Here is a bracing technique to try next session. Think of your rib cage and how it is currently sitting, whether it is tilted or straight and attempt to straighten it. Imagine that your bottom rib is tied to your pelvis and that it is getting pulled into your hips. You are then going to draw your belly button in and hold this tension. This is your brace position!