Hey, Johan here. 



For some reason girls and women have always thought that as a female, you should lift light weights many times or only do traditional cardio or body weight exercises. This would apparently make you “toned” and lose weight.
If someone can explain to me what they mean by toned, that would be greatly appreciated too. My interpretation of it is -build muscle, lose fat.

That’s all you need to do. Women as well. Why should we build muscle?

Muscle mass help with fat burning. The more muscle you have, the more energy you’ll burn and you’ll get leaner easier. It will help with you looking “toned” but it will also prevent you from growing old in a weak body. Muscle is essential.
It is really really hard to build too much muscle, especially if you eat for fat loss. Women especially have a hard time putting on too much muscle as they don’t have the testosterone required to do so.

If all you do is cardio, you’ll end up losing muscle, leading to you having to eat less and less to stay lean. To build better muscle, you’ll lift weights, heavier than you think you can. Or think you should. The heavier you’ll lift (build up to it) the stronger you’ll be and the more energy you’ll burn whilst doing it as well.


More cardio

Women should train no different than men in my opinion. 
Lift weights and sprint. “Sprints” could be done with body weight exercises as well, more done in an interval style fashion. You can build muscle with body weight training however not the way you’re doing it, trust me.

I lift like a girl. Or the way I think girls should lift.

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