What Does Success Look Like?

Success in the gym environment comes in many shapes and forms, some are obvious, and some not so. Quite often we look at person, visually eye them up and down and make a decision of “success” based on that, have they lost or gained etc etc

On any given day just remembering to bring your water bottle is a success, but who notices that, right? We often don’t notice or realise what success can often look and feel like, it’s not just a visual, it comes in many different forms, and yeah remembering your water bottle is an absolute high five success!

Sometimes the hardest thing is to choose the right water bottle.

At the time for me success was a lot of little things that I was doing well all added up together, this involved but not limited to, setting my clothes out the night before, setting an alarm for 5:50 am which in a previous life for me was still considered last night! Getting up out of bed in the morning, especially in winter! remembering my water bottle, yes that chestnut again, walking out the front door at home and actually walking through the front door of the gym, once I was in everything was going to be alright! As time went on these things became habitat and routine which made it easier to do. Once I had nailed the above and formed those habits I was able to enjoy and get the most out of the sessions here at the Big 5 gym in Yarraville. We’ll take about nutrition, sleep habitats and other things a different time, these will also help you too!

Success initially for me was a formation of a habit, I didn’t realise it at the time but now with time to reflect it was my biggest success. It was frustrating at times for sure, however without them I wouldn’t be typing this. When I thought about my initial goal to lose weight, get rid of back pain and be stronger I’d never considered that setting clothes out, getting up, remembering my water bottle would be hard and the key to unlocking my success.

What does it look like for you? Setting an achievable goal is a great way to start, ask yourself the question “if I had a magic wand what would my success be “and from there we can break it down so you can achieve it. Sharing with others, writing it down and talking about with others will help solidify it. We can help here at Big 5 Fitness, we still have and are working toward our goals even as coaches, and we’ve all forgotten our water bottles too.