If you have spoken to us about supplements before or have done some individual diet work, you would have heard us recommend vitamin D, you have probably heard how amazing Vitamin D is too.

You probably know it comes from the sun. You know you should take it, but do you know why?

Let me start by first telling you what vitamin D3 is used for….

D3 helps regulate mineral absorption, mood and insulin sensitivity. It is used by the brain, skeletal muscle, colon, bones, heart, adrenal glands and the immune cells.

It is estimated 50% of all people worldwide suffer a Vitamin D deficiency, even though they have access to the sun. This could be caused by a variety of reasons, including excessive skin coverage by clothing.

There is no disputing its significance and necessity for the human body. But what exactly are the dangers of being vitamin D deficient?

Some of the of dangers of Vitamin D deficiency include:
– Poor Immune System
– Stress Fractures
– Depression
– Fatigue
– Insomnia
– Slower muscle recover
– Lower back pain
– Beneficial to all know diseases (including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, influenza, Crohn’s, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and diabetes just to name a few).

So how much should you be taking?
Oral supplements can certainly help with your quest to build your vitamin D levels. Many scientific articles recommended that a daily Vitamin D dose of 3-5000IU can be beneficial for all adults regardless of your time spent in the sun, with the safe upper daily limit thought to be around 10,000IU. If you wanted 2000IU to get Vitamin D naturally through food, you would need to eat 50 eggs/day OR 2kgs of salmon!!

Unless you are taking over 40,000IU/day over a period of months, you will not be at risk of overdosing on vitamin D.

Of course, we always recommend you do your own research/consult your health professional before taking ANY supplements.